7 Milers Left and Right

I'm technically starting the marathon training today.  The first 2 weeks post marathon were mostly recovery weeks of less than 20 and 30 miles respectively.  This week is 43.

I'm also down 7 pounds since I started eating healthier, although during tapering I went crazy and gained 4 of them.  I'm finally breaking the 164 mark and weighed 163.40 two days in a row.  That's huge for me.  I'm eating as healthy as I can, considering I have to eat out at least once a day for work.

I'm also working on my form thanks to the chiro's suggestions to improve the lower back pain.  I ran 7.25 miles today and they were fast (for me).  I started at low 11mm and ended at low 10mm.  They miles felt too easy and they kept getting better and better.  I don't know what else could it be (apart from training), but I suspect is me trying to run with good form instead of slouching all throughout the miles.  It's hard when you're tired (last few miles the pace went down a bit) and it's hard when your inner thigh/groin starts hurting at Mile 3 (most likely because of the effort of keeping good form).

After the run I did another 30 minutes of the Shred workout even though the arms were still sore from kickboxing on Saturday.  The workout really helped the legs, inner thighs, and arms.

I feel good!


  1. I notice that when I focus on form when running that I tend to get a better "workout"...
    Good luck with your upcoming training!


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