Recovery is Going Well But Back Has Issues

I finally went to the chiropractor to deal with the lower back pain I've had for ages.  I have some sort of issue with the lower vertebrae and the vertebrae has moved.  He believes that's the cause of my inner thigh and hip pain lately.

So, I got instructions for some stretches, and therapy with massage included.  Once he cracked my back, I felt so much better and less tight.

Today was my first run since the visit.  Runs have been slow (except for the half race) but I'm taking it easy.  Today I ran 6 miles at my normal pre-marathon pace (which is now faster than the easy pace I trained with).  By Mile 4 my hip was hurting a bit but considering all the stuff the chiro did, it's understandable.  The inner thigh was sore once I got home but my stretches eliminated most of the soreness immediately.  I'm very happy with having found a diagnosis and starting treatment.  Now every time I run I have to repeat, shoulders back, tighten the abs, move the pelvis.  It's driving me nuts but running with good form will actually make me run better.

So, the legs are BACK!


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