Day 5 of Marathon Training

Today, I had a 7 mile easy on the schedule. I woke up sick and considered taking an SRD until Sunday to rest. I woke up tired, congested, and without energy. As the day went by, my energy returned and I felt much better.

The day was super hot (90 since early in the day), so I decided to wait until 7pm to start my run. Here are the stats:

Weight: 164
Temps: 92F
Felt Like: 102F
Humidity: 55%
Dew Point: 74
Pounds Lost: 2 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:56mm - 11:26mm
Actual Pace: 11:44mm
Distance: 7.04 miles

The run was very nice in the beginning but I started to slack after Mile 3. I did not carry anything to hydrate throughout the run, since I was running near the house and I could get water or Gatorade at any time. I stopped at Mile 5 to catch my breath and then at Mile 6 went by the house to get some Gatorade. I usually don't stop but the temps and the cold I've been fighting directed my run today. I felt strong after the Gatorade and finished with a kick.


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