Day 4 of Marathon 1 Training

Today I had a 6 miles, 4 @ tempo scheduled. I knew it would be hard because is hot as Hades and I'm catching a cold. But at least I wanted to try.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 165
Temps: 89F
Felt Like: 95F
Humidity: 54%
Dew Point: 71
Pounds Lost: 1 lb.
Goal Pace: 9:23mm - 9:53mm
Actual Pace: 9:36mm

I did my warm up mile and all was well. However, I noticed I was out of breath at the end. I like that I chicked a guy who was surprised I passed him. He tried to pass me several times but since I was running easy it was very "easy" to push a little and kick him to the curb.

I knew my chest is a little congested but I still wanted to see how the pace would feel. One of the girls from the running group was running an easy 3 at around my tempo pace, so she accompanied me. At mile 2 I told her to go ahead because I was going to stop. I coughed like 7 times during the 2 miles, I could barely breathe. So I went to car and hydrated. Rested for a bit and started to run at easy pace. The first mile was horrible. I debated whether to just finish 4 and go home. But at the end of Mile 4 something happened. The sky was darker, the temps were lower, the body just felt wonderful, so I finish great and in high spirits. Too bad I could not finish the full tempo but I know I can do it once the hot temps and the cold have gone.


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