Rubio's Missing

There are several stray cats abandoned on our street. However, none other has captivated my heart than Rubio, the blonde skinny kitten. He's approximately 6-8 months old, yellow, and with green eyes. He found me one early morning as I was leaving for my long run and a relationship started. Several of my neighbors feed him every day and I feed him when he comes to my house and asks for me (he actually found out where I live, intelligent fellow). He always cries like he has not eaten in weeks (like I said, intelligent fellow, LOL).

He's been missing for 3 days; that's the most he's been missing. We went out and look for him earlier today, to no avail.

We just hope that he's OK. We love him even though none of us can take him in (I already have 4 cats and my neighbor has 4 as well).

Rubio, come back.


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