Random Thoughts

Ugh, the last 24 hours have been very hectic. Lots of errands, lots of hours in the car when it's raining. But, that's life isn't it?

The rain stopped last night at around 7:30pm, so I was able to go out for a 5 miler. I've been very unenthusiastic about running this week; I think it's because my husband is not here. I never thought I would miss him that much, especially since we have a lot of time to ourselves, but alas, his presence in the house is thoroughly missed. The week has been stressful as well, trying to study for the GA Bar while taking hundreds of calls from the husband because I need to resolve all the issues arising in Orlando while he moves. I hate this transition period because I'm the one that must be at his beck and call even though I have other responsibilities. But, I am really excited about the move, even though Orlando was not my first choice.

This move to Orlando has not been perfect. My husband hated his new job as soon as he started and was even considering coming back to Miami. But, we prevailed; we got a nice apartment in Orlando (pictures to come next week), he'll remain at his new job until he finds something he likes, and I keep looking for a job (or a transfer). Hopefully all of these things will come in soon.

My husband arrived last night (almost missing his flight for being late) and the cats were ecstatic! They were a little nervous for a few minutes, but immediately asked to be given proper care (since I am the caretaker and he's the professional TLCer). They are now happy and content. All is well. Trixie is still sick so we started the antibiotics to hopefully get her out of that cold she got while at the vet.

We're going to Orlando on Monday to equipped the apartment. We need to buy a few things, probably cheaper ones that we can give away after the furniture arrives, so that my husband can properly live. I'll take pictures of the new place and will post them here.

Oh, and while I went to Orlando to get our cable/internet installed, I ended up having an interview for a job. So we'll see. My search is just starting and I would like to transfer to our office there, but just in case!


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