The "Joys" of Rain

Driving back from work I realized that I should have taken my running clothes to work and use their TMs. There is thunder, there is flooding, there was even a car on fire. I hope the driver made it out alive, though.

So, I'm here, waiting. It seems that all I do is wait to see whether my runs will happen. Summers in Miami are horrible. Heat of 90+ degrees with feels like temps of more than 100. Humidity between 75 and 90%, and rain...LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN. I don't mind the heat as much as the rain. Why? Because this is rain like no other. Inches and inches of rain that floods ever single street around my area. Which means no running route. One thing I'm certain is I won't miss Miami when I'm finally gone.

Sorry to be a downer today but I wanted to run today, even if it's only the 5 scheduled miles. But here I am waiting...and eating...still waiting...for my run.


  1. I love your descriptions of Miami, it always sounds like Grand Theft Auto, lol. Nice to see you'll be blogging about your marathon training. Not that I don't keep tabs on you through BF and the KMA threads, but this is like a more personal side of you that's nice to see.


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