A Forced Double

Today I had a 9 miler planned. Since the gardener was supposed to fix our trees and stuff and he said he would be here by 8am, I prepared myself to run at 8am. Well, he arrived at 9:45 and I left the house at 10. It was already 79-80F even though it was 67 at 8am.

I did very well; ankle still bothered me from time to time but otherwise I was doing well and on pace. Then, I stopped by the house at mile 5 to drink some Gatorade and I started again. By then, I could feel it was very hot and got nauseous at Mile 6. Since I knew that could mean dehydration (thanks to the sun being at its zenith and no clouds on the horizon), I headed back home. Finished 6.60.

My stomach was blah all day and my ankle hurt more. But I went out at 6pm to finish the run. The 2.40 miles were not fast (long run pace) but at least they are done.

Tomorrow's run is a 16 miler. We will see how the ankle behaves. Icing it tonight and watching it tomorrow to see.


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