Phantom Week Ends with a Bit of Disappointment

Today I ran the Race for the Cure 10K in Crandon Park, Florida. This was an unexpected race that I signed up for after deciding to switch marathons. I wanted to run it; it's a fun race and I've done it before, but I could not fit it into my schedule until now.

The idea was to run according to McMillan paces based on my last half marathon PR (2:12:14). According to that race, I should finish my marathon in 4:32 or so. I wanted to see how I was progressing after putting a lot of mileage since that half marathon and now.

My last good race was on July 4th, where I ran a 5K and PR'd by 45 seconds. So, I was wondering how good would I be today. McMillan has me as capable of running a 58:XX 10K, so I wanted to shoot for sub-60. It was not meant to be.

Don't get me wrong; I am proud of my race. I PR'd by 21 seconds but I'm still far from the sub-60. Temps were 74F with 90% humidity!!!!! I'm sure the weather had something to do with it but how much?

I don't know what to make of these results. According to the 1:01:24, my half marathon should be around 2:16 and that's way too slow for what I did earlier this year: a flat half with 2:12 and a hilly half with 2:14. Should I wait until my half in Halloween? What if the temps make me run worse than those two PRs?


EDITED: My old PR was 1:01:42 and now it's 1:01:24. And I added my race picture. You can see from the sweaty shorts how humid it was.


  1. Damaris, I don't see a time here 0:) and I haven't been around RWOL enough to know what kind of 1:xx.x you ran... but do take heart. Marathon training is long and slow, and 10ks push the speed end of the spectrum. After "gearing long" and picking up a short race, by nature it isn't going to be as speedy as if you had more 10k specificity. Considering the nasty humidity, be proud of your PR! ~Just4Kix


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