I Still Hate Intervals

I hate them with a passion. But, they are necessary to get some speed, especially with a half marathon in three weeks and the marathon in less than 2 months. So, I planned on doing my 4 X 1600 although I was still sore from the hilly workout and yesterday's 9 miler.

So, I started with a 1.25 mile warmup, followed immediately by my first mile repeat. Goal pace was 8:58mm - 9:18mm but I knew I would not be able to hit this pace because (1) I have done no speedwork for 4 weeks due to sickness, life, etc.; (2) I had a headwind during the whole workout; and (3) my legs were tired. But I gave it my all.

Here are the paces:

Mile Repeat 1 - 9:42mm
Mile Repeat 2 - 9:23mm (this was the only repeat without a headwind so I know I could have hit the pace had I not had the wind)
Mile Repeat 3 - 9:30mm
Mile Repeat 4 - 9:35mm

I finished the run with another 1.25 cooldown.

Overall, a very satisfying workout. And I have a 9 miler tomorrow as well. This marathon training is exhausting! But I love it.


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