I Am Getting Faster

My ankle is still not at a 100%, but I ran today. I went to the park and attempted something less than 9 but more than 5. I did 5.07 so I achieved my goals. The first two miles were without the brace. They were uncomfortable; maybe a tad painful. So, I stopped and donned the brace. What a difference! My splits immediately went down 20 seconds per mile. No more feeling uncomfortable. I stopped at 5 because I was tired and I did not want to push it.

Here are the splits. As you can see for the past 3 weeks my speed has really started to show even in the heat:

Mile 1 - 10:49
Mile 2 - 10:49
Mile 3 - 10:26
Mile 4 - 10:26
Mile 5 - 10:25

I'm not even running at 11mm anymore. These were not even my splits last Winter (most of the runs were high 10mm to low 11mm). So I am getting faster than I thought.


  1. Great job! that is one thing I love about running, the training pays off.


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