The Mid-Runs Are Lengthening

Today, two days after my second 20 miler, I had an 11 miler scheduled. I was not sure I would be able to run it on pace (I knew I would finish notwithstanding) but I actually did.

The run started with me already tired from work and from waking up all through the night. I had some pasta for lunch (which is my usual lunch any way), and I had some cereal and OJ before heading outside. It was raining, and I do not run in the rain, but since this week is a pretty tough one, I did not want to take my only other rest day already and have back to back runs all the way through Sunday.

So, off I go to the park to meet my running group in the rain. I meet with some and do some loops at the park until they close the park. I had one of the Crank gels halfway through the run and ran back home. By the time I left the park I was doing a great pace (easy pace) and I did not seem to slow down much.

I finished near home and walk a bit to stretch.

Overall, a successful run.

Now if I can repeat the 11 miler tomorrow I'll be happy, because that's my schedule for tomorrow too.


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