A Tiresome Run

I ran today with the brace. The whole 6 miles. I was tired and sore all over, plus I forgot my allergy pill so my chest was tight and the nose was running. It was not pretty but I still ran sub-11mm which is great.

Even though I wore the brace, there was some pain during the first 3 miles. I think the first 2 miles were painful because I did not tighten the brace properly, so once I did, the run went much smoother.

So, my goal on Sunday is to run the half marathon to the best of my abilities. I wanted to PR but I cannot control an ankle sprain. I hate when I get injured but it's not running related (I was running when I fell on a whole on the sidewalk but still, not caused by running).

I'm this close to the marathon and I've been running healthy and well. Why now?


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