Day 14 - First 16 Miler

Today, I ran my first 16 miler. I had run 12, 13, and 14 with quite frequency. I've only run one 15 miler and it was at 35F so it was under 2:30 hours. I have not even hit a 12 miler at that pace so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Pre-Run: I had the usual Fruit Loops, milk, and OJ prior to the long run. I did not get much sleep because I woke up at 10:30am the morning before. I checked the temps and they were horrendous. A hot hot day.

Miles 1-10 - The temps were so bad I wanted to quit from the get go. It was approximately 81F (heat index 88) with 100% humidity (I actually checked this twice because I could not believe it). I was not even close to last week's pace, least of all long run pace. I was not even going under 13mm. But my main focus was getting the miles in and forgetting about everything else. I was fueling once again with the Gu Chomps, eating 2 every 2.5 miles.

At Mile 10 I went back home, change the tech shirt you see on the picture for another (since this one was too soaked), drank another 8 oz of water (I already drank my Nathan 20oz bottle), get some sunscreen, etc., and head back out. I had a Hammer Gel at Mile 13 and stopped for that. After that, everything turned to the worse. I was still slow but had energy; but it was too hot by now (86F with heat index of 99F). I finished the second Nathan 20 oz bottle by Mile 14. At the end of Mile 14 I started walking. I walked home because I needed water (0.37 miles). I drank another 12 oz. and left everything back home to finish my run. I ran again but started walking at the end of Mile 15. Then I started running again and did not stop until the end. It was hot. At mile 15.85 I started smiling because I knew I had reached this milestone for the first time and that I was going to finish. I did it!

Weight: 166
Temps: 81-86F
Felt Like: 88-99F
Humidity: 100% (78% at the end)
Dew Point: 79
Pounds Lost: 4 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:56mm - 11:56mm
Actual Pace: 13:14mm
Average HR: 151


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