Day 17 - Back to the Heat

I had a 7 miler scheduled for today and the day was HOT! I started earlier than usual because I was going to dinner and drinks with a friend. So I started at my normal Winter time of 6pm. Wow, what a difference even 1/2 hour makes.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 165
Temps: 88F
Felt Like: 101F
Humidity: 70%
Dew Point: 77
Pounds Lost: 6 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:56mm - 11:56mm
Actual Pace: 12:18mm
Average HR: 149

I really hope that when the temps go down, so does my pace because I was running 7 milers (heck, I was running 14 milers) at 10:55mm earlier this year.


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