Day 9: Week 2 Has Begun

Week 2 of marathon training has begun. Yesterday was a rest day and I took advantage of that and scheduled an 80 minute massage. After the bar exam and the stress of late, I wanted to relax and let all my soreness (mental and physical) go away. It was heaven.

Today was a hectic day. I was in Court all day, but Court was in West Palm Beach, which means a 2-hour drive each way. So, I've been in high heels and on the run since 7am. It was supposed to rain today so I was also scared that the run had to be postponed. But after 6pm the sun came out and the heat came back in force.

I finally decided to buy the heart rate monitor for my Garmin 405. I don't run based on heart rate but I wanted to see how many calories I burn with each run. What I found was a surprise (I was burning more than I thought).

Here are the stats:

Weight: 166
Temps: 89F
Felt Like: 97F
Humidity: 70%
Dew Point: 75
Pounds Lost: 2 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:56mm - 11:26mm
Actual Pace: 11:22mm
Average HR: 158

I ran a great pace, although the first 3 miles were slow as molasses (more than usual).


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