Day 25

This week has been too hectic for my taste. I was unable to run yesterday because my ipod died on Tuesday, has two more days before the warranty expires so we went to the Apple Store to see whether I would get a new one. Well, the Apple Store we went to has no service for that, so I wasted my trip. But by the time we came back home it was past 11pm so I did not run.

On to Thursday. Hectic at work with an appointment at another Apple Store at 6pm. Miami traffic as usual is the worst and I was to travel during rush hour down South from Flagler Street (Street Zero) to SW 136. I made it fine but traffic gave me a headache. They will be giving me a new shuffle but since mine has been discontinued they'll have to order it.

So I get home at around 6:40pm and am able to run. Slow run. Legs feel dead, feet are swollen, and I did recovery pace. Using my Ipod classic I was able to entertain myself while watching the thunder clouds hover over my head. Some drizzling but no rain. Some lightning too so the last 3 miles were closer to the house.

Overall, a not so comfortable run.


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