Day 23

This week is a cutback week. I have only 36 miles scheduled. Today was an easy 7.

I went to the park to meet the Doral Runners. It was hot today; DH even commented on it being one of the hottest days this year. It was passed 90 and the heat index was above 100. 75% humidity and the like. I did not manage to write everything down before I left.

By the time I arrived at the park, the sun was hiding behind rain clouds. Good because the temperature went down somewhat, or so I thought.

My first mile was horrible. I was barely hitting high 12mm. It was humid!!!! Plus I ate something the night before and my stomach was acting up. The Ipod started turning off and on and even stopped working for a bit. I was able to put it back on and I continued on.

Mile 2 through 4 went fine. Still a little slow but doing negative splits. I stopped at Mile 4 to get some Gatorade because it was still hot. The Ipod died forever at Mile 3.50 so I left it in the car.

Miles 5 through 7 were boring because of the lack of music. But, my pace picked up a lot since the sun was gone. Sunset is now arriving by 7:50pm so the "Fall" is getting closer. That does not matter to us since we don't get a Fall at all.

Goal pace was 10:56 - 11:26 and I finished at 11:46mm. Not bad for a hot day, sore from the cross training, and 2 days after an 18 miler.

I feel pretty happy today.


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