Day 26

This cutback week is never-ending. Busy at work, feet hurt from one of the shoes I wore this week (for work), and the weather just took a turn for the worse. But, at the last moment, the sky cleared, the lightning left to bother somebody else, and the sun even came out. Lots of humidity, but at least the temps were somewhat cooler.

The temp was at around 79F (feels like 82), with 82% humidity and 73F dew point. Pretty cool compared to the other days (although I forgot to look at the weather prior to running, this week has been one of Miami's hottest).

Goal Pace was easy pace: 10:56 - 11:26mm
Actual Pace: 11:39mm

Pretty good, considering I'm tired, the weather was ugh, and part the route was flooded. I truly hope that the temps cool down soon because I've been running the slowest I've run this year.


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