Days 11 and 12 - Different Runs, Same Result

I did two sets of 7 miles yesterday and today. One was horrible, the other one was pleasant. I ran at the same pace. I don't understand why.

Day 11 - I went to the park and met the Doral Runners. The car said it was 97 when I stepped out. The park had no shade. I started running and I had to stop at Miles 2, 3, and 4. My heart rate was too high. I got in the car, drove home and finished the last 3 in the shade. The last 3 were very enjoyable. Pace 11:54mm (long run pace).

Day 12 - I ran in my complex. The run was pleasant, it was cloudy, the temps hovered at 84F (heat index 92) with 74% humidity and 75 dew point. Although I felt I was running at the same pace, I was getting slower. No issues, really. I loved the run. Pace 11:54mm. OK?

All I can think of is that the humidity on Day 11 was much slower and because the last 3 were faster than the first 4, I ran overall faster than I would have had I stay in the park. Although not on pace, I really enjoyed today's run. The Winter is coming, I can only hope.


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