Day 28 - The End of Cutback Week

Today I had an 8 miler scheduled as the long run for the week, being a cutback week. I've not felt my best throughout the week and my energy has been kind of down. I'm still fighting a cold that seems never to run away and a dry cough that came in last November, left in April, and came back last month. My husband (he's a doctor) had warned me that this type of cough comes back again and again without cure or explanation and he was right. Sometimes it bothers me while I run, but most of the time it's just there.

Temps have been quite cooler lately (since it's been thundering and raining the whole weekend). By cool I mean 83 (feels like 93) versus 90 (feels like 103). My pace really felt it today.

Goal Pace: 10:56 - 11:56mm
Actual Pace: 11:25mm
Temp: 83F
Heat Index: 93F
Humidity: 80%
Dew Point: 77F

Overall, a nice pace that makes me hopeful that when the temps finally come down, I'll be pacing all right.


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