Day 32 - When Everything Goes Wrong During a Run

I should have taken an SRD today but nope, I wanted to run no matter what. I had to go to the Apple Store to pick up my Ipod and of course, I decided to purchase 2 Iphone 4s for my husband and I. I left the store so late and the store is so far from home the trip back took 30 minutes without traffic. As soon as I got home, I dressed and went out. I had an 8 miler with 6 @ tempo scheduled for tonight but since it was already 7:30pm, it was too late for that. So, I exchange the 6 I had for tomorrow with the 8s and attempted 4 @ MP. Well, I forgot to check the weather; it was too hot for that. 86 (heat index 96) with 77% humidity and 76 dew point at 8pm!

I was barely able to eek out 1 warmup mile and 2 miles @ MP when I had to walk. And run. And walk. Finished with 5 miles in the end but I felt deflated. Until I saw the temps and I felt better.

So off I go and get back up. Tomorrow we have 8 and 20 on Sunday. The show must go on.


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